Schachtkopierung - shaft copying
Produkte Schachtkopierung
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Digital shaft copying from Wachendorff

Wachendorff is well known as an established producer of incremental and absolute WDG and WDGA encoders. Wachendorff has developed a series of shaft copying systems based on special belts. All necessary installation parts are included for quick and easy mounting in the shaft.

The systems can be delivered as a circumferential or guided belt system. One of the main benefits is the use of a special nubbed and tooth belt. In combination with the special wheels they work extremely smoothly and quietly in the shaft, including at high speed.

  • Speed up to 4 m/s and heights up to 120 m
  • Delivery includes all mechanical parts for mounting in the shaft
  • Improved lift motion profile and gentle stop
  • Longest operating life
  • Resistant to typical contamination in the shaft
  • Maintenance free, e.g. no talcum powder necessary for the belt
  • Only one reference drive necessary after installation in the shaft

digital shaft copying

Silent Move and Silent Move light digital shaft copying. 
Each either circumferential or guided.

special nubbed- or tooth belt

Smooth and noiseless operation thanks to special nubbed- or tooth belt.
Both are durable and totally maintenance free.

incremental or absolute

Optionally with incremental or absolute WDGI/WDGA encoder.

belt pulleys

The belt pulleys are attuned to the belts thanks to their design and the special surfaces.

Noise reduction on the car top thanks to reinforced construction and silencing strips.